12 September 2009

straight stitches till dawn!

it was really only a matter of time before i made an apron. a fan of the angry chicken, chase, and baking...how could i resist? i was first inspired to make one for my long life pal JZ who recently wed. when i asked her what her favorite thing on her registry was, she replied, "the girly apron". i knew at that moment i would bestow her with a handmade version of my own. i had so much fun making the first one, i made a second for another friend who will be married this fall. i swear i could sew straight stitches till the break of dawn! and i almost did!~

today i gave JZ her apron and she swooned. then let me photograph her in my kitchen. lucky for me she was already dressed for the occasion! add a bowl and a wisk-et viola! happiness!

since i am one for simplicity, being a beginner and all, i chose the very easy 'cocktail' or 'tea towel' apron. i did not use a tea towel, nor a pattern. i measured the fabric to the size i wanted and sewed away. i added some lace trim at the bottom and ribbon for the tie for JZs, the other i made double sided with matching ties (sewn like straps). i used some fun fabric passed down to me from chase, ashley and some i bought. for the trim on JZs i used vintage lace from my auntie and store bought ribbon for the ties. i am hooked people. if you plan on getting married guess what your getting from me? certainly not a toaster. something to look fabulous in while you toast!