21 October 2009

new beginnings

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19 October 2009

oktober film fest

during the best month ever, (well, my personal favorite at least and i am sure many, many others),the Ringler household enjoys a halloween film-fest all through October.

since we netflix our viewing pleasure, we set up the queue to send us a nice combination of classic horror, comedy, and thrasher movies. last year was the first annual oktober film-fest and proved to be an amazing idea. this year we are challenged by keeping things as exciting as last year. we have had some ups and downs, but overall it is still super fun!

here are some of our favorites:
  • anything Boris Karloff, but especially Frankenstein, 1931 and
  • Bride of Frankenstein, 1935
  • Black Sunday, 1960
  • House on Haunted Hill, 1958 original with Vincent Price
  • Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens, 1922
  • Nightmare on Elm Street, 1983 and NES Part 3, 1987
  • Children of the Corn, 1984
  • Pet Semetary, 1989
  • Sleepaway Camp III, Teenage Wasteland, 1989
  • Anything by Dario Argento (Phil's personal favorite)
  • House of Wax, 2005 remake
  • Scooby Doo on Zombie Island, 1998
  • The Simpson's Tree House of Horror (I-XX)
  • Billy an Mandy's Big Boogey Adventure, 2006
  • The Fearless Vampire Killer's, 1967 (Roman Polanski-Spoof)
  • The Worst Witch, 1986
  • Zombie Land, 2009
  • Zombie Strippers, 2008
  • Shaun of the Dead, 2004
  • Fido, 2006
  • Evil Dead II, 1987
Apparently we find Zombie movies to be funnier than most. I swear Zombie Strippers was one of the funniest things we've ever seen.

Isn't Autumn the best?

Happy October!

16 October 2009

back in the saddle

with rain and cancelations on my side, i managed to extend my weekend into a craft filled fun day or two. et voilĂ ! coasters were born....

i managed to make 8 sets of 4 with small swatches of fabric donated to me from a S&B pal. (sadly i have not been able to make S&B for several weeks due to an opportunity to TA in a class with a former professor of mine.) I followed no pattern or tutorial, I just used fusible interfacing for stiffness, cut some 5 inch squares, pressed and sewed away.

quite simple. quite satisfying. i am gearing up for possible craft booths this holiday season. if nothing works out i will have plenty of goods for etsy and maybe even some gifts for some loved ones. that gets tricky though because not everything i make is necessarily the style of those i love.

*sigh* it does feel good to make-make-make again. between this project and some spontaneous felting with a client i had a lovely week on the creative front. i have also started on some pendants made from buttons and old buckles. i am looking forward to another chunk of time to finish them and start on some more brooches.

maybe now is the time? yes, i think so!

10 October 2009

a new adventure

dearest bees,
i am happy to report that after much consideration and hard work, my husband and i are joining forces as..."Ringler Studios"! hence the main reason i have been away from the blog and had no real time to craft. that is all about to change now that some of our to-dos, like getting new equipment and filing business forms, has been accomplished.

so what, dare you ask, IS Ringler Studios? is it a studio of art? well, no. it is a studio for artists and collectors to receive individualized services to assist with their careers or investments. mainly our goal is to help artists with their promotions by offering high quality photography (a must in the industry), ways to navigate the expensive task of promotion oneself, and staying organized in the process. There is also an opportunity for collectors to use our organization service to store and record their investments better. mostly, Ringler Studios is and extension of work that we have been doing for years on a more focused level.

feel free to visit our website for more details! my personal website has since been changed to a place for my art and craft projects-both past and current.
until the next adventure....

another apron

it's quite addicting...