30 August 2010


No, it's not Halloween (yet--although the weather could prove otherwise out here in the Bay...), but we certainly don't need a holiday as an excuse to play this very very cool board game. Chase and Dennis came by after we had a delicious meal and broke out this game. It was great fun! The board gets built as you go along, creating dead ends and weird twists as you battle each other and Zombies to the finish! Wish I had a better image to show, but there are plenty of photos here if you want to know more details.

hope summer is being summer:)

15 August 2010

good days

In a follow up to my earlier post on 'good mornings', and because this blog is dedicated to living a creative life, i thought i'd share what's been occupying my free time as of late: "Creating a Life Worth Living", by Carol Lloyd. This book was given to me a few years ago when I graduated as a motivator to not give up on making art and finding a way to support myself in the process--something we all struggle with, a delicate balance at that. I recently picked it up and have found myself wowed and challenged by the experience.

Without reading the book I created a post graduation life by starting a business from my freelance work. I came to pick the book up after finding myself feeling that there is something more that this, something better, something that will leave me feeling deep satisfaction at the end of a day. Although I am not completed with the book, which is a self guided tour of the author's workshop, complete with exercises and real life examples to help you along, I am beginning to see patterns within myself and getting many ideas for the future!

Philip and I have embarked on some major lifestyle changes around here and this book is merely one of my self motivating/disciplinary challenges. After 3 weeks things are going great and I am feeling much more inspired. We quit some of our less healthy activities (mostly tv/computer attachments) and replaced them with walks, talks, record playing, book reading, letter writing and home cooked meals--all things we love to do, but mostly saved for the weekends. Now on the weekends we do more of the same, but also get creative and take day trips. For my birthday last week we took off to Point Reyes for a 6 mile hike. Leave it to me to choose a challenging hike as a way to celebrate life! It was fabulous though. Breathtaking.
looking at the trail ahead

here's to living a creative life!