26 July 2010

philip's art happenings...

well it's been a whirl-wind of a month and so much to fill you in on, but for now let's go with a highlight....about my dear husband's recent art happenings...
One of Philip's photos was shown for "Wondrous Strange: A Twenty-first Century Cabinet of Curiosities" at the SFMoMA Artist Gallery! It was a great opening complete with a costume theme and variety of spectacular performers! (The costume theme was 18th century-Modern time travelers...which basically translates to a Steam-Punk aesthetic. Note the aviator version of me below...)

If that wasn't exciting enough, Black and White magazine published a fantastic 8 page spread on the guy! It's the September issue which came out early to subscribers, but look for it this fall at your local bookstore! So proud:)

10 July 2010

good mornings

I've been thinking about self discipline and how inconsistent I am. Granted it's human nature to be inconsistent, but I am feeling off track these days. In an effort to get back on track--meaning back to feeling good and energized-- I am creating a 4 day jump start plan that will hopefully get me going again. Why 4 days? I am house sitting and it seems like a good idea to begin something when you are out of your comfort zone and more likely to get up and go!

The plan is simple--for the next 4 days I will create a morning routine that enables me to feel energized and centered as I begin my day. Such as:
  • get up earlier (I am a 8:30-9 girl, but want to try for 7:30-8)
  • do a yoga/meditation routine for 30 minutes
  • Have coffee and light breakfast
  • NOT check my email
  • NOT go back to bed for 10-20-30 minutes
  • Take the time to gather my thoughts and intentions for the day (rather than leaving the house and forgetting something 5 times)
  • Use any extra time to do one chore before leaving the house
So some of this I already do, like the chore, but it interferes with things I would rather do, like meditate or take time to figure out what I need for the day. Hopefully this jump start will get me going beyond 4 days and give me inspiration to do more self discipline exercises, like afternoon walks and evening back stretches. Not that I want to be a metronome or anything...I'm just looking for some quality of life changes for the things I know make life easier and more manageable.
~be well