09 June 2009

cross stitch trio

i am a busy bee with these cross stitches. they come in handy for stitch and bitch tuesdays. otherwise i'd have to learn how to knit or something...one day i am sure, but i cannot take on another craft at this point in my world.

so here is the cross stitch trio...

it all started with 'subversive cross stitch' by julie jackson. i perused a copy that chase had and fell in love. unfortunately i am a broke little bee, so i did things the hard way-by hand-no pattern. it rally was not hard at all, just painstaking! two of these came directly from her book, but just the text not the embelishments. (i feel bad enough! at least it was just for family fun)

'of course i care' came first. i made it for my sister for her office. (she works in non profit doing medicare stuff...) then came 'beeyatch' which of course was for me! then i got comfortable and made one of my own designs, 'the golden girls'. this is for my mom who lives with two of her sisters and whom we nick-named so.

i am caught up on gifts for now and ready to get back to minnow and the bee! i have some fun necklaces planned and look forward to the weekend already.


07 June 2009

my sweet little smock

oh my curious bees, i am happy! i made the sweetest thing for my sweet little god-daughter who just turned 3. although i am late (a hazard of living so far away) i know she will just adore this princess art smock with matching crown.

i have many thanks to offer for the success of this gem...

first amy karol and her amazing book, 'bend the rules sewing' which gave me the pattern for the smock. also her blog archive for inspiration for the matching head piece. although i used her pattern for the smock and pocket, i had to carve my own path on the finishing because i had no binding tape. so i used some wide, pink, lace that my dear friend chase gifted me for the edging and made my own ties out of pink teddy bear fabric, also used for the pocket. the lavender fabric also came from chase as a hand-me-down. as for the princess crown, not easily shown here, i simply stitched some decorative trim that came from my aunt (who recently sent me in a giant hat box filled with goodies!) to the pink lace.

i owe all of these ladies many thanks for keeping the projects rolling! i would also like to thank the ever so full moon for giving me an excess amount of creative energy. (i heart full moons. so beautiful.) and of course, my dear friends jodi and matt for having such an amazing little girl to make things for.

i am so happy when projects come together so well.

yeah for happiness!

01 June 2009

home again...

I am home from my adventures at sea. drawings were produced, although one a day was not achieved. I managed to make four, but really spent more time making photographs....here are some of my favorites...enjoy!