30 September 2010

new artwork!

there's more to see on my website

27 September 2010

road trip prep and art update

well well well. i can't show you the new series just yet because we have to take photos and prep them for the little show I have coming up. we are installing this Friday so I should be able to post them over the weekend so stay tuned!

on a more 'my life is so crazy my head spins' sort of news, we are in full 'must do before we leave for the road trip mode' over here and I know i am neglecting many things because of it. before we leave town every little project or other thing in my life seems to need major attention. it always works this way, but since there is nothing I can do, I am just taking it a day at a time and trying to breathe. so, my apologies in advance for not responding to snail mail, phone calls, emails, or any other mode of communication in a timely fashion.

with that in mind, here are some October events we have going on that may interest you:
I think that's all for events in October...sheesh! We also have Best of the Bay, a photography exhibition of student work opening November 2, 5-7pm at the University Art Gallery at CSU, East Bay.

say it with me, "vacation"

15 September 2010

30 days of September-half way

we're here at the half way point of "30 days of September"...the question is not "can she do it?" but "where is this all going?" themes are popping up, but thus far it looks like it's going to be a weird-y.

so far only one day was like pulling teeth to get me to draw, but I did it anyway and must say this is all very good for me and my motivation. not to mention I am having fun...here is a sneak peak of what the first 15 days has brought to the drawing table:


since i still have 15 more days, i am tempted to try and pull it all together by following the thematic patters, but at the same time, this is about how everyday is, well, different...any thoughts? i'll be back with more sooner than later...x

11 September 2010

I tell you what, this is the stuff. amazing. delicious. so good for you. i have been obsessed for a while, but my obsession has recently amplified due to my new juicer. today we braved the green juice and it turned out spectacular! i made 2 versions-traditional green (spinach, kale, cucumber, celery, parsley, romaine) and the other was pure magic---greens + ginger +lemon + lime + apple = whoa! i shall name it wowie zowie green genes. I found the recipe on Dr. Oz's web site. smells a bit like fresh mowed grass in the house, but the drink tastes more like heaven and worth the labor. I was worried it would not yield much juice and end up being cheaper to buy pre-made, but not so...i think you get about double the amount. here's to greens!

10 September 2010

30 days of September

no, i'm not trying to recite that little poem that helps you remember how many days in each month. i'm trying to make an october deadline for an exhibition of my very own at the Oakland Professional Development Center downtown.

since i paint slow and procrastinate when it comes to important me things, like making art, i thought better to challenge myself to a dual than give up the fight. the book i've been reading has been amazing at helping me see where my creative 'road blocks' are. apparently i am a generator-which means i have so many ideas that it's easy for me to loose sight/keep track, let alone complete each project i want to. so here goes...

the rules are simple--one drawing, one hour, one day, every day for september. and so far so good! next week i hit my midway point and will give you all a little peak into what's happening visually. for the exhibition i will pick the 15 best and pair them in interesting ways. so far there is lots of potential for silliness...but what more would you expect from me? dark, deep, poetic? nah...I leave that stuff up to Philip. me...I just want to have a bit of fun.
stay tuned for more!

04 September 2010

island adventure...

whoops! i got lost at sea for a minute here. let me tell you about my adventures to an island not so far from my home....
scooby dooby doo
Forbes Island is a short little boat ride and yet feels a million miles away. This place was once a mobile island home of sorts, now turned restaurant, just off the shore of San Francisco's Pier 39. Between the boat ride, lighthouse, underwater dining room (complete with fireplace and endless nautical themed decor including actual portholes), and bathroom set up as the captains quarters, this place feels more like a scooby-doo episode, or as the author of this great article put it, a place James Bond would dine. The owner is even captain of the little vessel that takes you out there! Too cool.


Although it's quite expensive, it's worth every penny, and for my money, should be saved for a romantic evening or celebration. The staff is amazing, the atmosphere is charming, and possibly most importantly the food is delicious!
(see my complete set of pictures here)