08 January 2010

happy new year

i'm back from a super sweet visit to my old home, Michigan. it's always a trip to go back to something that is so familiar, yet so different-especially compared to my life these days. in the past it was hard to go home. too many bitter sweet memories and ghosts waiting for me i suppose. as time has past and wounds have healed i am so happy to say that this visit was amazing and i have so much to be thankful for as we enter the new year.

like being welcomed and taken in so warmly by old friends (who are family really)...

and sunsets in the snow!

and meeting super cute additions to the family!

i am so lucky to have such a great family. it was so nice to hug my mom, talk to my aunt, giggle with my sister and see how my nieces have grown, becoming such lovely women, getting to know sweet baby Arlo, playing with miss Myla like we never missed a beat, staying up way too late with Jodi, talk talk talking away, waking to innovative/delicious pancakes by Matt, and driving driving driving everyday with my sweet husband.

and now it's back to my new home which i also have so much to be thankful for. with a new business to tend to and a craft show on the horizon, i can see the progress of last year in my present and future. i can feel it in my heart as i think back at how many challenges turned into nice surprises and how many hard days work turned into beautiful experiences or things i made with my own two hands. looking back, i know i can handle whatever life brings me and that it is up to me to shift perspectives and make better decisions when things get too heavy.

i think what is so interesting about this time of year is we get to reflect and daydream of the future in the same breath. and then there are resolutions...which give us permission to take care of ourselves. but this is something that we should always do. so my resolution is not make any resolutions and continue to take care of myself as i learned to do much better in recent years.

happy new year everyone!
may 2010 bring us all some major shifts in surprising and wonderful ways!