25 December 2009

merry christmas!

hope it's a good one!

16 December 2009

all i want for christmas....

can i just say that one of the most difficult things about not having any extra money-especially this time of year-is when i see things like this, or any number of books like the one pictured above, and have no way of making them mine, but want want want to buy them!

it's so frustrating because i love handmade things, especially big chunky rings with cuteness, class and style...and as for books, (especially about art!) i am a sucker...plus i love to support other artists...unfortunately most of these things are just too pricey for me these days. i am such a whiner because truthfully i know life is better without "stuff", but some stuff makes life a little sweeter. *ugh* the paradox of it all!

i have however come up with a way to curb my appetite for "thingness" and wanting. i will be sticking to the smaller lovely world of zines, which I can actually afford once in a while. I just got Gracia and Louise's zine=Postcards from...A Key to Make Your Own World Visible, which will be pure eye candy mixed with thoughtfulness....and the newest issue (full color might I add) of Mixed Tape which is just a darn good read. These come from Australian artists/publishers and are the best way I can think of helping other artists at the moment.

Another art related want is a subscription to the Compound Gallery's Art in a Box. It's super cool-every month you get a box with some art and you have no idea what is in store! i just love this concept. it's an interesting exercise in art, community, and subjectivity. i mean honestly, i really would not know what to do with a bunch of art with my small dwellings, but the thought of getting one really amazing piece in there somewhere is tantalizing. sort of like cracker-jack toys when i was a kid...you may get something mildly entertaining, totally lame, or just plain cool. either way you win because you get to play with your inner critic.

well, that's enough of that. i am going to get to finishing up some handmade Christmas gifts with all of the lovely repurposed fabric i have collected over the year. thanks everyone who donated-it will probably be coming back to you in the form of something awesome. (hopefully)

One more week!!!

13 December 2009

handmade christmas/etsy post

I am excited to tell you all about the handmade goodies I am making for presents, but for fear that readers are recipiants, I will show the only thing I know I can...fishing lures!!!

Philip and I worked on these yesterday for my buddy Matt and brother in law's gifts:

a very special thanks to Dickson for giving us lure fever and a quick demo. He wrote and illustrated a book on lures and flies called Every Angler's Guide to Lures and Flies. It's super witty and fun, much the same as he is.

In addition to all things Christmasy, I managed to post a bunch of new gear on etsy! it's all of the leftovers from the holiday sale, but new projects nonetheless. I am obsessed with the cross stitch pins. so obsessed that i am hoping to save up for this really nice button maker so they can drop in price and time to make. (and become circles!! )

Hope you are all getting in to the holiday spirit! I know I finally am. Between putting up the tree and going to a Christmas folk/sing-a-long/performance thingy, it would be hard not to. Impossible even. 11 more days!


08 December 2009

catching up to christmas?

how (dare i ask) is it only 2 more weeks until christmas?!?!?!
i know i was just in an obsessive mode between work and work, but honestly, i think i am about one whole month behind schedule! yikes....*sigh*

in hind sight i did have a ton of fun in between all the chaos.
here are some highlights:

-halloween: we went to the city with chase and dennis to see a live sound effect/percussionists and an organist perform to 'Nosferatau'! Philip and I went as ghouls. at one point we were in the lobby hanging out waiting for our friends and had random people ask to take our photo. that was odd considering i saw 20 or so men dressed a lot like Philip...i highly recommend a night at the symphony on halloween-a great crowd indeed.

-thanksgiving weekend we went to the zoo!! the oakland zoo to be precise. going to the zoo always has the paradox of so fun, yet so sad. i myself enjoyed the petting zoo in the kids area. meet my new friend balthazar the pigmy goat. i wish i could have stolen him! too cute.

well that's the highlights. now i am just coming down off the high of the craft show trying to get into the joy of christmas. we managed to get the tree and ornaments out of storage today. next will be the trimming of the tree, cards, gifts, etc etc.
this year is a 99% handmade christmas. every year i aim for ALL handmade gifts to give and always end up at about half made, half bought. this year only one gift was actually purchased. amazing i tell you. i only have 5 more to make and i am DONE.
and for my next trick? trying not to gain any weight....

happy holiday bliss!

06 December 2009

Richmond Art Festival!!

Our Lovely Table

Oh dear friends, we had such an amazing time at the Richmond Arts Festival! Sylvia Min, Chase Clark and I shared a table and it was sooooo adorable. I am exhausted, but this experience was rewarding in many ways. The challenge of organizing this with my life was a great exercise in keeping inspiration and motivation while juggling the everyday. It was so worth it and I owe a great amount of thanks to Sylvia and Chase for being such hard working individuals who were as determined as I was to get our art out in the world!

We had such great response to our booth, which I must say was super fun to put together and as one board member said "charming". All of the people at the Richmond Art Center are just fabulous! SO kind and generous. I have had the pleasure of working with them recently which led to us doing this event. They have a wonderful community there and I am happy to be a part of it. We all walked away with some sales and wonderful trades with each other and fellow artist Jenn Brazelton and Bryan Higgins.

Apologies for the post-event blog....not too much time before hand to tell the world via blog.
I will be updating etsy with all new items this week and will post again soon!
enjoy the photos!

Our Lovely Table

The RAC vendor hall
Bags by Sylvia Min, Bibs by Chase Clark

Pins by Jill RIngler