23 July 2009

nocturnal surise...a reflection on suffering

Delay. Delay. Delay. It has been a while. All of this time i have been waiting to collect my thoughts and some images for Philip's exhibition, Nocturnal Sunrise. With the exhibition at a close and all of the hard work behind us, I am taking the time to reflect on his dramatic and stunning series of photographs.

The many times I have spent looking at his work, seeing his vision and philosophy come to light has led me to ponder further his art and how art in general impacts life. For those in need of introduction, my husband Philip makes large-scale black and white photographs that are graphically stunning and possess a lusciousness that is hard to ignore. Nocturnal Sunrise is a series he completed for his Masters of Fine Art thesis.

He has photographed all over the map, from New Orleans to Tahiti and compiled an abstract, high contrast visual language that acts as a metaphore for human suffering. The images are dark and stir up a mixture of emotions, from sorrow to humor, yet they all provide an entrance or exit into the light beyond this darkness. Upon first glance you cannot help but ask yourself what you are looking at. The longer you look you get transported into the experience of the image.

The experience of looking at this work can be overwhelming. It can also be uplifting. I found it interesting to watch people connect to different photographs for different reasons. It was exciting to hear their reactions because they were all so personal. Similar to the way one starts to see things in an abstract painting, I saw people feel things with his work. Even though the work is on the darker side thematically, photographing cemetarys and decaying anything as a general rule, it still possesses a lightness that makes it approachable and beautiful.

I feel a significant importance to placing emphasis on darkness because our society-American society-is constantly aiming for superficial positivism. We see it all the time with Hollywood starlets showing us how to look, government officials holding high a facade of how to act, and the many products of commercial, consumerism showing us how good life can be if you use their product. In the real world-the world of humanity governed by the complexity of emotions-we struggle with our own personal lives and while we aim for our individual pursuit of happiness, we do suffer. Dealing with the suffering does not come quick or easy.

We live in a world of over-prescribed medication and if we are not given permission to sedate our emotions by our doctors, we can run to the nearest store for liquor to self medicate, or worse, our local drug dealers. I believe in the power of art to open our subconscious minds and bring forth our hidden emotions. I believe that Philip's work does just that and so do many other artists, musicians, and poets alike. What is more poignant, whether we are aware of this power or not, is that we truly are affected deeply by our art of choice. The way a song can move you to dance or even to tears, or how a book clings to you as you read for endless hours, or a visual work draws you to deep contemplation-art sets part of us free.

I have come to know art as a way of releasing my inner fire, allowing whatever needs to come through me come out into the world, rather than get stifled and suffocted inside me. This is not only for making art, I think the same of being with others artwork. I know Philip's work holds a intimate place in my world because of my love for him, but I still must thank him for simply getting his art out into the world.

13 July 2009

website of my very own

I finally got around to making my own website after landing another archive client this week! This time for a private collector whose house is overflowing with art! *gulp*
check it out: thecuriousbeestudio.com
now i just need to order the biz cards-way too much delay on those puppies...
what can i say, i am a busy bee!

11 July 2009

flower clips for sale

well, i completed the first batch of flower clips and with a lovely model took some great photos last night. i just posted 6 of them on etsy for sale, the other two went to their new homes. i am so excited about these cuties, but I am in need of making some more sweet little birds since the coop is dwindling fast!
on a sad note, the minnow and i have agreed to separate....but it is all for the greater good since she is off to live in London!! (i am sooo jealous, but very happy for her) As soon as I know what her new etsy store is named I will update you. I have decided to keep 'minnow and the bee' as my store and adopted my husband as the honorary minnow since he often helps me with tough decisions, like what button to pair with what fabric. that and he technically came up with the name for us.
That's the report from the bee. Thanks for stopping in:)

01 July 2009

projects & happenings

it's been a minute (try millions of minutes) since i last posted. things have been happening! too many to account for here so in an attempt to summarize i will focus on the art and the projects.
  • new web commission for the talented Oliverio Quezada, a ceramic artist here in the Bay.
  • hubby had his master's thesis solo-exhibition. we had just over 100 guests! incredible turn out with a ton of warm fuzzies, delicious food, and wonderful-wonderful people.
  • thanks to my sister, the etsy shop has had a few sales from my collection. the seal, a bird and a mushroom! i am so happy the seal remains in the family.
  • new mini paintings/necklace charms are in the works -sorry no photos yet-
  • inspired to add some pizazz to my outfit i made a lovely hair clip that is now my new obsession. tonight at stitch and bitch i had two commissions!

The black and white was my flare the other night at the opening for Phil's show. The orange and blue gem is going to Chase by personal request. The smaller black with red center is a bonus one made tonight. Now I need to make the other one requested by a fellow S&B gal and a billion more to sell on etsy.

Also in the works, I am going to make several cowl-neck scarfs out of this luxurious, hand dyed, bamboo yarn from Chase. It came directly from her former co-workers at Art Fibers. It will be modeled after a lovely light blue one I made this winter and I hope to make enough for a pre-fall sale late this summer.

Oh goodie-back to work!
With everything going on I was beginning to wonder if I would ever have time again! Seriously though, making things keeps me sane. I am sure many of you would agree.