22 May 2010

cherry pickin'


we went to brentwood to pick some cherries and pet some alpaca! what an adventure, we went to a you pick farm called Bacchini's Fruit Tree. we lucked out when we decided to do this because it was the first weekend of you pick cherries. we also snagged some huge apricots! it was so nice to hop up the ladder and find clusters of gorgeous deep red cherries.


then we headed off to an alpaca farm called Black Diamond Alpacas. These creatures are so amazingly distinct and silly looking, but oh so adorable! they had the males and females separated and it was amazing to see how differently they behaved. the females were much more excited than the males and the males were so cuddly and curious.


they had just been sheered so they had these crazy mop flop hair dos. they reminded us of new wave hipsters in a way. they also have these crazy teeth, in fact only on the bottom jaw. one of them, i believe his name was 'Max' nibbled on my hand a bit and gave me kisses.

afterwards we headed into town and had burritos at la costa. muy delicioso and only $4 for a huge portion! we were so amazed at how inexpensive things were out there. we even caught a movie, iron man 2, for a mere $4.50 each! i tell you what, it's worth the drive to get some great farm filled goodies and a date on the cheap. we will be back this summer for berries and peaches! yum yum. x

14 May 2010

Give Global:: Alive Chiropractic Fundraiser for Haiti

I recently donated a bunch of handmade goodie bags to my chiropractor, Alive Chiropractic, run by the power duo Jennifer Wilhelm and Kara Waltz, for a fundraiser to send money for food and water to an orphanage in Haiti. Kara recently visited Haiti with a group of doctors and they held an event where she could share her story and give the community an opportunity to donate to the cause. It was amazing to see where donations were going. These children are true survivors and all the money goes toward feeding them. The first of two events was today and the second one is on Tuesday, March 25, 3-6pm. I highly encourage you to go if you are in the area. You can purchase raffle tickets for $10 and there are also chair massages offered for any donations given. The prizes for the raffle were all donated and include my goodie bags, yoga and pilates classes, jewelry, haircuts, therapy and ayruveda sessions, massage, acupuncture, wine and personal training sessions!! Need not be present to win! All very good things people.

09 May 2010

congratulations natalia!!

my very talented friend natalia has finished her MFA at CCAC in SF...(that's alota abbv's--master of fine arts at a very very art college, for those of you not in the area). she is very brave and talented and inspiring and i am so happy for her! the show was like a circus, marching band, performance artists in bondage gear and stripper poles, food and people and art EVERYWHERE. outside there was some firefighters doing their job to keep the fire code in check as they removed bikes that were chained in doorways--i think they had quite a bit of fun with the chain saw!!
it was quite a scene which made it difficult to really see any one thing, but I did my best, had fun, and I was very happy to see Natalia's vision in person-here are a few shots of her installation:

I also got around to reading her accompanying thesis. i am not done, but so far i am amazed and cannot wait to see where it ends up. it's a very emotional tale about blurring the line of predator and victim from the perspective of horror film characters. woah. heavy stuff, let me tell you, but brilliant. i am half way into it and i had to put it aside and let it soak in. it's very hard to read, but in a good way, so I'll take it in 2 parts please. man my dreams were weird after that night. anywho, here's to all the MFA grads, especially my dearest Natalia! xo